List of planned hareware and controls upgrades for BMM

Fiber communication network
Mono fast scanning
ongoing, October 7, 2019

Controls for data collection with fast scanning
Mono fast scanning
not started, waiting for infrastructure

Digital readout for silicon drift detector
Better fluorescence data collection
procuring Express 3 via University of Sheffield
stuck in lawyer land
Digital feedback
Feedback for 2nd xtal / M2 pitch / M3 pitch
waiting on split ion chamber from Pete Siddons

Self-contained ion chambers
Better ion chamber readout
Waiting on new ion chambers + electronics from Pete Siddons

IOC for controlling Linkam temperature controller
Integration of Linkam stage into data acquisition system
Linkham stage ordered, awaiting delivery

IOC for controlling Lakeshore temperature controller
Integration of Displex into data acquisition system
not started

IOC for controlling BioLogic battery cycler / potentiostat
Tight integration of battery research into data acquisition system
BioLogic in hand, need to form a controls plan

Rotation Ref stage
Configure many more reference foils
identified stage, need to install and configure motor. Controls infrastucture underway
He sample environment
better performance for Ti, push BL to measure Sc, Ca, 5d & L edges
not started

Better user Exxact Workstation
Beefy workstation for computational chores
on LAN as xf06bm-ws5
run a larch server, connect to it from ws1 when running Athena&Artemis
More hard drives and RAID array for ws5
Initial data store for use at BMM
Done, NFS mount between ws1 and ws5
Implement 2nd NAS server
Data storage for BMM and SST
not yet configured

Second AGG switch
increase network capacity at end station
not started

Commission nBPM
monochromatic beam diagnostic
not started

The hard drive in the first bay of the new xf06bm-ws5.

Hard drive in bay 1 on the new xf06bm-ws5