BMM experimental calendar:   (2020-1 Schedule as PDF)

Register for BNL Site Access

Upon receipt of notification of your beamtime, please verify that all the team members attending your experiment have a valid BNL Guest registration. New registration requests as well as the extensions requests for expired registrations shall be submitted as soon as possible. Approvals for guest registrations can take as long as two months for some non-US citizens.

To apply for a BNL Guest appointment:

Safety Approval Form

Submit your Safety Approval Form (SAF) AT LEAST four weeks before the above starting date. Your SAF should provide a complete and accurate description of the experiment, including all samples, chemicals, solvents, reference materials, and equipment that will be used during the experiment and preparation. In addition, any additional equipment not provided by the beamline has to be identified and described in the SAF. Provide detailed information on sample processing and any safety measures necessary.

Failure to submit a complete SAF in a timely fashion may result in a loss of beamtime.

To submit a SAF:

If your experiment requires chemicals, compressed gases, lab access, or other equipment, please contact Bruce Ravel ( well ahead of your expriment. Transportation of hazardous materials related to your experiment to the BNL site and back to the home institution is your responsibility.

Support Laboratories

Currently, three labs support user activities at BMM.  They are:

If you prepare or treat samples on-site, please include the request for the use of NSLS-II User Laboratories ( in your Safety Approval Form. Here is some advice on selecting the correct lab:

  1. Unbound nanoparticles: Please note that supported nanoparticles or nanoparticles in solution are not considered “unbound”. If your samples are indeed unbound, please contact BMM beamline scientist Bruce Ravel ( as soon as possible.
  2. Solid sample preparation (pellet pressing, spreading on tape etc):  Request Lab 3L-L06.
  3. Liquid samples (organic solvents, acids, bases): Request Lab 3L-L09.
  4. Hydrofluoric acid treatment: Request Lab 3L-L09 and notify Cognizant Space Manager, Syed Khalid at, as soon as possible.
  5. Environment and earth science sample preparation and treatment: Request Lab 3L-L07.

Requests for using gloveboxes should be discussed prior to submitting the SAF, with Bruce Ravel ( and/or Syed Khalid (

Please note: Each lab you select on your safety approval form makes work for the lab stewards. Only request the lab(s) that you actually intend to use.


Please complete all required online user training at least one week before the starting date. Failure to complete training may result in a delay starting your experiment.

To complete your training, follow the training instructions at:

Electrical Equipment

Any equipment with an electrical cable including low-voltage instruments and samples are considered electrical equipment (laptop computers are excluded). If you plan to bring electrical equipment for your experiment, please contact Jerome Malley, Electrical Equipment Inspection (EEI) Manager at as soon as practical and at least two weeks before the start of your experiment. Be prepared to provide manuals, photos, electrical diagrams, and schematics. Please include beamline staff (Bruce Ravel <> for all experiments & Jean Jordan-Sweet <> for XRD experiments) in your communication as some pre-approved electrical equipment (e.g., potentiostat, heaters, temperature meters, and controllers) may be available at the beamline.

Research Equipment Pool

Many experimental tools are available from the NSLS-II Research Equipment Pool. If you wish to use any items from equipment pool, contact Bruce Ravel ( well ahead of your experiment.

Shipping things to the beamline

Things can be shipped to

Bruce Ravel / Beamline 6BM
Buidling 740
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Upton NY 11973

The Day of your Experiment

Unless told otherwise, your experiment starts at 8 am.  You should consider having all team members arrive the afternoon prior to the first day of the beamtime to check in at the GUV Center ( and to complete beamline specific training.

Please consult NSLS-II user guide ( or contact BMM beamline staff for more information.