Instrictions for entering and exiting the experimental hutch

To OPEN the hutch

  • ➅ Close the shutter
  • ➄ Press the "SBE" button
  • ➃ ∙∙∙
  • ➂ Make sure the “Front Left Maglock” button is not green
  • ➁ Press the green “Open Door” button, wait for the slow door to open
  • ➀ Enter the hutch

To CLOSE the hutch

  • ➀ Complete the hutch search and exit the hutch
  • ➁ ∙∙∙
  • ➂ Push the “Front Left Maglock” button. It should be lit green
  • ➃ Push and hold the yellow “Close Door” button. Listen for the magnetic latch
  • ➄ Push the "SBE" button, wait for the loud noise to finish
  • ➅ You can now open the shutter

Hutch search sign

These instructions are printed, laminated, mounted on a magnetic sheet, and hung near the search station. I would like to make these signs in various languages. If you would like to help by translating this sign, download the Word document below. Make a translation into your language and mail the Word doc back to Bruce. He will print and mount the new translation! I am most eager for Chinese, Russian, and German translations.

Word document with hutch search instructions