Three Two workstations -- xf06bm-ws1, xf06bm-ws2, and xf06bm-ws3 -- share a keyboard and mouse using Synergy.

Computers sharing keyboard and mouse
main beamline computer (linux)
secondary beamline computer (linux) (controls CSS display)
Windows computer (BioLogic, Synergy not yet in use)

The Synergy server runs on xf06bm-ws1.  To start the server type

synergys -d WARNING &

at the command line.  This will read the Synergy configuration file at /etc/synergy.conf. The -d flag sets the logging level to filter out INFO level messages in /var/log/syslog.  This helps the responsiveness on the client side.

On xf06bm-ws2, start the client by typing this at the command line:

synergyc xf06bm-ws1 &

Both of those command have to be run as the user logged in.  That is, the user running the synergy commands has to be the one with control of the respective X sessions.

On xf06bm-ws3, do something something

The screen layout looks something like this (ws3 not actually in use):

+----------+ |  ws1-m2  |
|    ws2   | +----------+
+----------+ |  ws1-m1  | 

To move the mouse between keyboards, simply run the mouse up or to the left or right.  It will magically pass from machine to machine.  The keyboard will respond to whatever window is under the mouse.