Every cycle, the operations calendar is posted on the NSLS-II website as an image with a link for downloading a PDF file. Those of us who work at the beamlines (sometimes) receive the Excel spreadsheet used to generate the image and the PDF file. A spreadsheet is only slightly less useless than the image and the PDF file.

Fed up with this customer-hostile approach to managing the dissemination of the ops schedule, I wrote a simple python script which reads the spreadsheet and writes files that are actually useful. Here are monthly ICS file since I started doing this. These can be easily imported into almost any calendar application. I would love to give you a link to our Google calendar, but this wiki does not play well with the rather elaborate URLs that Google Calendar uses. Oh well.... In any case, the ICS files work as expected.


Here is the python script. Don't expect an engineering marvel.  It was slapped together in a half hour.  It sorta works ... I'll give it that much ...