Start/stop ion chamber electrometer

stop: caput XF:06BM-BI{EM:1}EM180:Acquire 0

start: caput XF:06BM-BI{EM:1}EM180:Acquire 1

Setting the measurement time on the electrometer

Set a tenth of second: caput XF:06BM-BI{EM:1}EM180:AveragingTime 0.1

With the sampling time set at 4 miliseconds, a 0.1 second averaging time accumulates and averages 25 measurements.  Similarly, a 0.5 second averaging time accumulates 125 measurements.

Insert / retract the DM1 fluorescent screen

Insert: caput XF:06BMA-OP{FS:1}Cmd:Opn-Cmd 1

Retract: caput XF:06BMA-OP{FS:1}Cmd:Cls-Cmd 1

Open / Close Front End shutter

Open: caput XF:06BM-PPS{Sh:FE}Cmd:Opn-Cmd 1

Close: caput XF:06BM-PPS{Sh:FE}Cmd:Cls-Cmd 1

Open / Close photon shutter

Open: caput XF:06BM-PPS{Sh:A}Cmd:Opn-Cmd 1

Close: caput XF:06BM-PPS{Sh:A}Cmd:Cls-Cmd 1