The various energy and mirror configurations of the beamline lead to a distribution of heights and inclinations as the beam approaches the XAFS table. To meet all these various operating modes, the hieght of the DCM must match the beam height.  Also, the height and pitch of the XAFS table must match the beam.  This allows the ionization chambers to be set at fixed heights (relative to the table surface).

Here we show the positions of DM3 at the two extreme orientations.

Mode B

DM3 position in Mode B
  • Energy below 8 keV
  • Toroidal focusing mirror around 3.5 mRad
  • Flat harmonic rejection mirror at 5 mRad

Mode D/E

DM3 position in Mode D/E
  • Energy above 8 keV
  • Focusing mirror removed
  • Flat harmonic rejection mirror at 3.5 mRad